Changing the way you see obstacles in your business

Everyone encounters obstacles in their business. It might be that you’re a single mom with very little money to invest in starting your online business. It might be that you already have a full-time job and you’re trying to build a side-hustle so you’re pressed for time.

If you don’t have a healthy mindset, you could let all of the obstacles get you down and keep you from reaching your ultimate goals. But successful people that work on their mindsets know that obstacles can often be turned into opportunities to better yourself and your business. You can do this by ‘reframing’ your thoughts. You might say things like, “I don’t have enough money to afford that expensive marketing course. I don’t have enough time to build a side-hustle so I can walk away from my job.”

Reframe these thoughts and you might actually find obstacles can become an advantage. For example, you could say, “Since my budget is tight, I don’t waste money on shiny objects. This helps me stay focused in my business. Because I’m pressed for time, I have to be choosy about the projects I take on. This helps ensure I pick projects that are the best match for my skills.”
Another helpful tactic for dealing with obstacles is to look for creative solutions. There are many stories of entrepreneurs who were looking to fix a problem they were experiencing and in the process created a product that they went on to sell.

Take a moment and write down 10 possible solutions to your current obstacle. Keep in mind these solutions don’t have to be plausible. They can be as bizarre as you want because the point is to get into a creative space. Once you’re inside the creative flow, it’ll be easier to see ways you could turn your obstacle into an opportunity.

The Quantum Thinking Technologies™ accredited course taught me all about reframing my thoughts and in one session of Quantum Release™ Coaching you too can reframe your thoughts and release any negativity that is holding you back from making money in your business or stepping into your greatness as a Divine Feminine Leader in business.

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